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The Team Behind the Name

Here is the team behind the name and the lovely faces that will be cleaning your home!

We are a family team that respects your home and what it means to you. We appreciate and value the trust that you, as our customer, extend when you open your door to us, so we always make sure you have met the team member that will be trained to clean your home. Our goal is for you to be able to relax and enjoy your fresh and clean home without worrying about any toxic chemicals being left behind. You can breathe easy when you choose Earthy Edith’s Cleaning for your home!

Earthy Edith founders

We started Earthy Edith’s in October 2015 as a husband and wife team. We had been gaining cleaning experience while working for a commercial cleaning business, but our attention was turned to more natural ways of cleaning in the beginning of 2015 when Emily was professionally trained in office and residential cleaning at a volunteer facility. She was amazed at the power of microfiber and in October, of that year, we together began devoting time to research and cleaning experiments to perfect the Earthy Edith’s touch. Since then we’ve been cleaning happy customers homes and have added on to our team as the success of our methods and cleaning has grown. Now we are striving to bring our methods into homes everywhere by offering our handmade solutions for purchase. We love cleaning chemical free and now you can too with our SIMPLE solutions!

Why Clean Chemical Free?

Why green cleaning?

Why clean chemical free? It’s simple really. Do even a bit of research and you will find hundreds of reasons why cleaning with chemicals is so dangerous to your health, your children’s, your pet’s and the earth’s health as well. Take a look at a label of a cleaning solution and you’ll see there is no law to even list the toxic ingredients used. Say no to toxic chemicals in your home with Earthy Edith’s completely chemical free cleaning! All our cleaning methods and our handmade cleaning solutions are designed to keep your home clean and your family safe from harsh chemicals. Your home will sparkle, with no toxic residues left behind.

Who Is Edith?


She is pictured here in her younger days, with her husband on their farm. Emily’s grandmother was an amazing woman who loved the earth dearly. She was the wife and later mother of a family of hard working farmers. She grew everything in her own garden and hand made things like ketchup and applesauce. Emily was named after her sweet and thrifty grandmother and was given the name Emily Edith when she was born. The name Earthy Edith’s became the business name out of Emily’s appreciation for her grandmother’s values, Emily’s general love for the beautiful earth we live on and her desire to be as ‘earthy’ as possible.

Service Areas

We are are offering healthy chemical free cleaning throughout the Pocono Mountains and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.


Great people to deal with!

I’ve had Earthy Edith’s cleaning in my home after big events, they are studious, thorough and conscientious, plus they are great people to deal with. I would trust them again in my home anytime! – Rowan Asher Winery

My wife was very happy!

I also was very happy. I have asthma and am very sensitive to chemicals. Cleaning days were always rough on me, I’d be puffing on my inhaler and coughing nonstop. I came home from work on cleaning day and came into a breath of fresh air. I could smell a slight aroma of peppermint, a natural oil Emily uses in the process. Oh yeah and my wife was very happy! That makes me happy! – Steve

Sparkling clean home

In less than one week of my initial contact with Earthy Edith, Emily came to our home for a consultation, emailed me a quite, scheduled my first cleaning and CLEANED my house. To come home from work and have a sparkling clean home is an amazing treat. My home looks better than ever and knowing there are no chemicals is wonderful. Emily’s kind personality is icing on the cake. Thank you Emily and Tristan for making our lives a little easier. –Jen

Amazed with the results

Could not be happier with Earthy Edith’s! Really happy for the ‘green cleaning’. Amazed with the results. My house is the cleanest I’ve ever seen it. Emily is especially wonderful and she goes above and beyond our expectations. – Theresa

So Happy We Found Them!

We have been using Earthy Edith’s for over a year now to clean our home and couldn’t be happier.

Knowing our home is being meticulously cared for with natural, toxic-free cleaners is a wonderful feeling, especially since we have pets. Emily is extremely detail-oriented, in time and very professional. I can’t say enough good things about this company! So happy we found them! – Becca

Professional, friendly and on time.

“I had the pleasure of having Emily and Tristan clean my condo. They were very professional, friendly and on time. They made a very reasonable assessment both of cost and time and they were on the dot. I am completely satisfied with their services and would unconditionally recommend them for anybody requiring professionalism and efficiency.” – Yaser K., Bethlehem, PA


“Since we moved to the area finding good cleaning service has been a challenge.  Equally difficult was to have them keep their appointment – two companies wanted to change time/date at the last minute.  We found Emily and her team in care.comand hired them for initial cleaning of our new home that badly needed professional touch.  We were very pleased with the result. They were meticulous.  They completely got rid of old dirt from window frames, old curtains, etc.,; dirty tiles in kitchen and bathroom are now fresh and clean..
I have two small children and felt great that they could enjoy a clean, toxic chemical-free home.  If you must use conventional chemicals, talk to them beforehand and they may be able to accommodate you.  In any case, they are reliable and do a great job and I highly recommend them.” – CY J., Herndon, VA

Fabulous job!!!

“They do a fabulous job!!! I was drawn to them originally since they use no chemicals!!!! They are on time, professional and the job they do is superb!!!!!! My bathtub looks brand new!!!!!” – Christine L., Pen Argyl, PA


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